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At Swansea Plumbing Services we offer a very professional service for residents all around the South Wales area covering, but by no means limited to Swansea, Llanelli, Neath, Port Talbot and Gorseinon to give you a prompt and reliable service that you can always count on for assistance with any aspect of your heating and plumbing so that you can rest easy knowing that your problem won't be around for long. We can help you with a wide range of different tasks around your home and offer a very professional boiler installation and central heating installation service which will allow you to carry on as normal as soon as the job is finished. Swansea Plumbers ready to fix all your problems.

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Central Heating

Central heating is a very important part of our homes, and many of us wouldn't be able to cope without the heat our central heating generates, and the same goes for the boiler which controls our hot water supply. Heat is a bare essential for life, but installing a boiler or a central heating system on your own when you don't know much about it can be a very daunting task and create a lot of un-needed stress for you. Swansea plumbing are fully trained Plumbers ready to install and maintain all kinds of boilers and central heating systems and we promise to have your system installed to the highest standards in no time at all and then explain it all to you so you can alter and adjust it how you see fit as time goes on.

Plumbing Installation

In addition to this we also do extensive work with plumbing and bathroom installation for our customers, and any job you want doing in this area of expertise, chances are we can do it for you. We can offer you advice and help with fitting your bathroom or even complete the entire job for you to your exact needs and specifications and we promise a very thorough service that will be completed to the highest of standards in the quickest possible time so that your life won't be disrupted for long. Not only do we take on big projects like this, but the little jobs aren't a problem either and we offer a wide range of general plumbing services to help you around the house from blocked shower pipes, faulty pipe work and leaking sinks and taps. All of these can have a devastating effect on your home life, and many people don't take into account just how disruptive it can be for you if you don't have water that works properly and we often take this commodity for granted. However, as soon as anything goes wrong Swansea Plumbing will fix it as soon as possible so that everything in your home is running smoothly again and will continue to function normally for a very long time. If your looking for Plumbers in South Wales you now know where we are..Please don`t forget any old metal, copper form the pipes and tanks you have in old houses or If you have some lead in the sheds or garage please give scrap metal prices an email and see what deal they could do for you.

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